My Other Self

Excerpt from the text by Alfonso de la Torre ‘Emilia Enríquez: a new symbolic body’

Emilia Enriquez started some 10 years ago the making boxes that were full of objects that held underlying meanings. Within a methacrylated urn these symbolic objects were “trapped” to the conventionally known feminine universe. They were called “My Other Self” and “Women’s Universe and Battles” (8) as stated by Emilia Enriquez. Mostly gathered together of tubes and bottles of cosmetics, gloves and a range of boxes, the closing pharmaceutical aging of the illusion of the youth with a theatric air and an aspect of rescued from an old draft of makeup. Nous faire la peau (9), ultimately is a makeup or a balsam that represents the feminine safe place that can be found within the skin. It allows us to slide in into our production of recent worry of skins, the covering inquiry that we carry on our bodies for a brief moment. Singular objects that in presence of the mentioned gloves were put in one of these boxes that have an air of magical Melies, a cosmetic from where the reiteration sours into the human objects, accumulating the sense of subconscious shadows that the objects have in the world of dreams. These objects remind us of the passions for the search of self controlled systems with geometrical air, that allowed the structure in a severe, almost scientific, chaos. This is something never seen in her career, as stopping to ask questions for her is impossible. It is the poetical mystery between things that things created, or written, are not to offer conclusions but rather more options for answers. Many times this is done in a poetic and mysterious way that offer room for space yet to be explored. Ultimately, the objects of Enriquez piled up remind of Cirlot’s “strange objects with symbolic functionality” that were created from “a harvest of questions”.(10)

(8) Emilia Enríquez. Conversations with the author. 

(9) French expression: “we pull off the skin, kill”.

(10)  Juan-Eduardo Cirlot, “The world of object under the Surrealism”, Editorials by Nordeste, PEN, Barcelona, 1953

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