Emilia is an artist, born in Ourense, Spain, in 1972.

I am an artist who is mainly focused on sculpture. I belong to the Povera movement with a twist for Expressionism. My works are remarkably corporeal and are always related to humans. It is important for the process of my work the ceaseless stockpiling of stuff from which I extract its symbolic nature.

Among my concerns, I would highlight the Existentialism in the human condition. In my works, I raise different issues such as equal status, the struggle for survival, etc. I enjoy working through passion and intuition, always between what inspires and terrifies us, regardless of aesthetic standards.

My insights about where my art leads me, start from restlessness and excitement in the future footprint of mankind, and tries to think about our choices and responsibilities about it.

Her first art training was carried out at the Sculpture Workshop by Hipólito Hidalgo de Caviedes, at Artium Peña Academy Stone Workshop and at José Barranco Painting Studio. Emilia holds a Design Diploma by Madrid Fashion School. She is an independent character, eager for self taught activities and cultural enrichment that her artworks show both through form and matters.