“… And we get again the challenging and tremendous painting of Emilia Enriquez. We observe, […] a willful, although always effective, excessive form, subject to extreme deformations and tensions. […]… In works endowed with extraordinary sensitivity, both in formal alterations, carefully studied, and in the splendor of chromatism, of extraordinary richness and variety. I admire the very skillful instrumentation that Emilia makes of the color red […] the audacity that we notice in these paintings, is anything but easy. Finally we see an artist say something new about the cathedral of Santiago, the Docks of Amsterdam, the interior of an ‘Italian style’ theater or the corner of a tavern with a Central European flavor, where our eyes go to an old box registrar, as sumptuously described as intelligently summarized … If painting is to broaden the language of expressiveness […] then we find ourselves before an artist and a work that we must take into careful consideration. Expressionism is in good time! ”

Juan Adriansens, about the second Emilia exhibition at the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid, in May 2001.