I believe that the Geishas are like living works of art. My exhibition is dedicated to them and shows 20 figures and two hairstyles. The sculptures are scattered all around the room, sometimes facing each other, sometimes opposite, so that the spectators can wander in between and establish an artistic relationship with them all. They are between 1,5 m to 2 m height and the atmosphere seems very theatrical indeed.

In Japan, feminity is a concept that emerges from a male perspective and has evolved with that very pattern. Her world is that of flower and willow, surrounded by a rich and varied artistic expression and gently slow. They are wrapped in silk and embodied the Japanese refinement with their sumptuous kimonos and elaborate hairstyles with their forks. But all at high cost for them because they must surrender their own identity to become a different someone, who comes to life as a new character emerging from a total dedication apart from the acts, interactions, sufferings or emotions of the everyday.